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10 Best Tips for Anyone in a Long Distance Relationship

Loving someone is a beautiful feeling. It is the time when you get butterflies in the stomach. You can’t live without that person and wish to spend time with that special someone. You always wait to see him or her. Anyone in a long distance relationship will feel frustrated if it doesn’t work. But it’s not possible all the time, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. Such a relationship is not that easy to handle. You need to take care of so many things to make it work. Yes, these relationships are challenging, but your efforts will help you a lot.

It is important to focus on certain points to make a long distance relationship work. It could be a tough task to make it work, but there are many beautiful surprises in a long distance relationship.

When you meet that special someone after a long time, simplest things become the most beautiful ones. Holding hands, eating together and the touch you wanted to feel since long makes you feel so good. You should keep in mind that the distance in your relationship will definitely bring some complications. It is up to you, how you deal with them. Such relationships are based on your faith.

Be careful with your words when you’re far away from your partner because it can lead to misunderstandings and make things more difficult. And we’ve come up with 10 best tips to make such relationships work.

1. Talk to your special someone on the phone.

Talking on Phone

Communication is very important. Never miss a chance to talk to each other. There’s a lot to discuss on the phone. You can talk about your day. Tell your partner how you spent your day. Ask your partner what he/she does to spend his/her time. Talk on topics you both find interesting. And regular communication is important, but also keep in mind that excess of anything is bad. If you talk too much, it’ll show your possessiveness. It is important to give some space to your partner and you also need some. A healthy relationship can’t flourish in suffocation. Things might get worse, if you talk too much.

2. Get intimate over the phone

Intimate on Phone

When you’re away from each other, it affects your physical intimacy. It’s not possible to get physically close, but there’s a lot you can do on the phone. Sexual desire acts as an important bond between two people. And when it comes to long distance relationship, it becomes more important. Sex is also an emotional need, so intimate communication between you and your partner will help you make your relationship more thrilling. Say something your partner would love to hear. Let it come out naturally and see the magic.

3. Do same things together.

Doing similar things together will bring you closer to each other. You can watch a documentary at the same time. Playing an online game together will also make you feel good. Video chat should be done on regular basis to help your relationship flourish. Reading a book together and discussing about it is also a good idea. You can also listen to music while chatting.

4. Discuss your family and friends

You want to discuss so many things with your partner and also expect him/her to tell about his life. You both should talk about your families and friends. This will help you know each other better. When you know your partner’s family and friends, you’ll get to know him/her better. Such discussion brings you closer, when you’re serious in a relationship. Your partner’s family matters a lot to him/her, so you also need to know about his/her family members. When it comes to your partner’s friends, you’ll get to know better about him/her through his/her friends. You can give your views, when it comes to his/her family matters once you know about his/her family members.

5. Honesty is important

If you’re honest with your partner, things will be easier. Otherwise, there’s no shortage of complications. Never lie to him/her, because in long distance relationships there’s little chance to explain things. Even if you do, you never know your partner’s response to your explanation.  If he/she doesn’t like something it’s better not to do it. And if you want something desperately, do tell your partner before doing anything. Trust is the foundation of your relationship, never break it. For instance, if your partner doesn’t want you to go to late night parties, don’t go. If you’re still planning to party, tell him/her honestly.

6. Make visits to each other regularly

Make visits to each other regularly

Now, that’s something really thrilling about long distance relationships. When you meet after a long time, there’s a lot to say and ask. No doubt your phone helped you talk to each other, but physical presence of your partner will get butterflies in your stomach. Anyone in a long distance relationship knows the excitement of meeting his/her someone special after a long wait. It’s a great idea to visit him/her surprisingly. Your partner will be overwhelmed with joy. Also present a gift to your partner.

7. Plan your future together

You must have plans for your future. When you plan your future together, it shows your commitment in the relationship. Discuss your life, career and other plans. Take each other’s suggestions. Set some goals. If you don’t make future plans, your relationship will eventually fail. Future plans are important when it comes to your bond, you’ll have more trust in the relationship. Talk about your favorite travel destinations, your dream job, your dream car and everything else. Discuss with your partner about future of your relationship.

8. Be positive, your faith is a must

Long distance relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of patience is needed to make the relationship work. Uncertainty in these relationships can make you feel frustrated. Even small problems can tear you down, if you lose faith. Always believe things will become better. Negative thinking can easily destroy a healthy relationship. Think twice before doing anything when it can affect your bond with your partner. Talk to your partner if you’re facing any difficulty in your relationship. Together you can find solution to your problem. People will say it is tough and it is indeed. But with faith and love, you can nurture your beautiful bond.

9. Write to express your feelings for each other

Phone calls and video chats are undoubtedly helpful for your relationship, but writing love letters will add to your efforts. Write whatever you feel about your partner. And be very honest here. Let your emotions flow freely. Let your partner know how deeply you love him/her. You can send your letter through email, but handwritten letters will make your partner feel overwhelmed with many emotions. Beautiful idea, isn’t it?

10. Keep yourself busy

It is good for your relationship when you talk to your partner on regular basis. But there must be other things in your life. When you’re not with him/her, keeping yourself busy will help you. This way you’ll not feel frustrated and there will be excitement in talking on the phone after sometime. Moreover, you’ll have so many topics to discuss and it’ll be really exciting.

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