how to get a girl to like you

Top 10 Ways to Get a Girl to Like You

It’s a wonderful feeling to like someone. And if that person likes you too, it is just awesome, isn’t it? We’ve come up with some tips how to get a girl to like you. But first of all you need to know certain things about female nature. Because of delicate nature of these creatures, they are needed to be handled delicately. If you want to win a girl’s heart, you need to treat her well. So, getting a girl to like you is not that difficult. You just need to be careful regarding the way you approach her.

Let’s now get to the point and understand what it takes.

1. Make her feel awesome.

You need to create that environment. The way you talk, walk and behave matters. A girl should feel comfortable around you. Your etiquette will help you in your efforts of getting her to like you. For instance, opening car door for her will make her feel special. When you take care of a girl, you are actually attracting her. Your behavior toward her will act like a magnet and soon she’ll start liking you. So, make her feel special. You can’t treat her the way you treat others. If you make her feel special, she’ll start thinking about you.

2. Looks do matter.

You should look presentable and for that you need to take care of your hygiene. Your smell makes difference, so smell really good. Wearing that Burberry perfume around her will definitely make her feel good about you. Your clothes, hair, nails or dental hygiene speak a lot about you.  So, when you’re around her, she should not run away because of your carelessness in hygiene. You need to look great to impress her.  Pay special attention to what you wear. It is good to follow fashion, but make sure that what you wear looks good on you. It is good if you’re brand conscious and can afford luxury. And if it is not the case, you still have many other options available. So, don’t lose heart. Just ensure you look presentable as this point is very important when it comes to impressing a girl.

3. Make her laugh.

Girl Laugh - how to get a girl to like you

When you make a girl laugh and she feels safe and secure with you at the same time, you are on right path. Your conversation with her should be playful. You should know how to crack good jokes. Flirting with her is okay, but overdoing it will ruin all your efforts to charm her. Girls like those guys who have good sense of humor. When she likes you, she’ll laugh on your joke even if it is not that funny. You need to observe her response to your jokes and everything else. This analysis will give you a good idea regarding what works and what is needed to be done further.

4. Be confident.

Lack of confidence would be a huge turn off for her. If you get nervous around her, you’ll already lose your chance even before you try to make her like you.  It is a man’s nature to act as a leader and a woman expects the same. So, don’t disappoint her with any kind of insecurity or shyness when you’re around her. Also, you should be ready to help her. A girl feels more attracted towards a man when she needs him. Making eye contact with her will tell her about your confidence, so looking straight into her eyes is important when you talk to her. But your gaze should be of a few seconds only.  Otherwise she might feel uncomfortable.

5. Take initiative.

Kiss - how to get a girl to like you

Yes, you heard it right! In our society, it is a man who takes initiative. The same is true when it comes to getting close. So, she’ll expect you to take initiative in holding hands, kissing and getting more intimate. When you take such initiative, it shows your confidence. And as already mentioned, confidence is a big turn on for women. Getting physically close is important but it should be done very carefully. You should know which stage of your relationship is suitable for it and how comfortable she is for it.

6. Desperation- a big no.

If you want someone that is okay, but if you’re desperate, it is something that’ll block your way instead of helping you. Never show you’re desperate even if you are. If you’re always after a girl, complimenting her too much, seeking her approval, you’re irritating her. As they say excess of anything is bad, you should also know how to control your emotions at least in front of that girl. Take some time to dedicate yourself to her, otherwise she’ll lose interest and obviously you don’t want that. Trying too hard will show your desperation. You need to give some space to her so that she realizes your importance and doesn’t take you as granted.

7. Have friends, aT least try.

You should be a social man. If you are center of attraction in a group, it’ll definitely be your strong point. Girls like those guys, who are not that easy to get. If other girls like you, she’ll undoubtedly pay attention to you. Girls feel proud to have someone as a boyfriend who is liked by other girls as well. Your social nature will show how friendly you are. And before approaching a girl for a more intimate relationship, you need to impress her with your friendly nature.

8. Don’t let her cry, comfort her even when she does.

You should be there with her when she in trouble. This will make her think about you more. Humans seek comfort in difficult times and if someone makes them feel comfortable in such circumstances, they feel attached to that person. Since girls are delicate creatures, they seek more emotional support when they are upset. So, make her feel good in her difficult times. Your support will show that you’ll be there for her whenever she’s in problem.

9. Beware of what you do to her.

Never do anything that hurts her. And if you do any such thing by mistake, be prepared to apologize. In order to make her feel special, present her a gift. Girls love gifts. You can gift her anything that makes her happy. Do some research to know what girls like and what could be a good present for her. Also if she has some special liking, you can select a gift according to that. Never miss special occasions, plan something for her birthday, once she becomes comfortable with you.

10. Shower of compliments.

When you compliment a girl, she’s on cloud nine. Complements will make her really happy. So complement her whenever you get a chance to. Appreciate her smile, the way she behaves, her dressing sense, her beauty and everything related to her. At the same time, make sure that compliments are genuine. You can appreciate what she has achieved in her life. Tell her what an attractive personality she has. Be very careful, when it comes to complementing her sexually. A girl can be complemented sexually only if she is very close to you, otherwise it’ll only ruin your impression on her. Your complements should show your respect for her.

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